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Lend a helping hand: Volunteer at UT Health Quitman

Did you know volunteering can help keep you healthy? Studies show that giving to others benefits you as well. That belief is summed up by Judy Johnson, president of the UT Health Quitman auxiliary, who said, “You’re helping yourself by helping others.”

Since 1952 the UT Health Quitman auxiliary members have given thousands of volunteer service hours each year. Duties include greeting patients and guests at the front desk, providing directions and information and answering phones. “We also notify people about how their family member is doing in surgery and then take them back to the recovery area when the procedure is done,” Johnson said.

One of the most important auxiliary functions at UT Health Quitman is raising scholarship funds for local students pursuing careers in healthcare. UT Health Quitman volunteers currently host three jewelry, gift and book sales a year for this purpose.

Top 5 reasons to volunteer at UT Health Quitman

  1. It’s good for your physical and mental health: If you’re someone with a little extra time on your hands, volunteering at UT Health Quitman gets you out of the house, on your feet and using your brain to interact with and help others.
  1. It promotes personal growth and self esteem: Working with hospital visitors and staff members helps build empathy and camaraderie, teaches you new things and reveals talents that may change your self-perception.
  1. It strengthens your community: UT Health Quitman volunteers hold fundraising events with earnings that go toward scholarships for local students interested in pursuing medical careers and for special projects at the hospital or in the community.
  1. It lets you give back: Share the blessings you’ve been given by volunteering.
  1. You make a difference in the lives of others: Anyone who has had a loved one in the hospital knows that a kind word or helping hand from a volunteer can make a big difference in a stressful situation.

Apply to become an UT Health Quitman volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering at UT Health Quitman, please download, print and fill out the application, then mail or fax it per the instructions at the bottom of the form. Or you can deliver it in person to the volunteer desk at UT Health Quitman.




Enjoy the benefits of volunteering today!

When you volunteer, you’re not only helping others – you’re helping yourself. Studies show that volunteering can

  • improve your happiness and overall well-being
  • lead to new friendships
  • keep you physically and mentally active

Consider volunteering today. Download, fill out and submit the volunteer application or call the UT Health Quitman front desk at 903-763-6336 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We look forward to hearing from you!